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Wednesday, May 26, 2010



As of July 1, I am now able to give myself fully to serving the local church here in CT and to call2disciple.

I am stepping away from my role of overseeing clergy and congregations in Anglican Mission effective June 30.

It’s a big step for us.

Since June 2001, I have served as a bishop in Anglican Mission. I have had two primary responsibilities: to serve the local church and to oversee clergy and congregations in this exciting work of planting churches all across the country and especially in the northeast.

But it left little time to come alongside Erilynne in her work of discipleship. And, to be honest, this is my heart and passion.

We started out in 1978 together. I first met her at a discipleship meeting that she led. I saw her single focus: To grow people up in Christ and to equip and empower them for His service. She actually believed that Jesus meant what He said: “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.”

What an amazing privilege. The Lord allowed us to do this together.

Over the past year we have asked this question: Is it possible to serve the churches of Anglican Mission and beyond by stirring up vision, desire and passion for discipleship in the local church?

I am grateful to say the answer is yes.

The Chairman and the Board of Anglican Mission approved this request. It allows me to remain active in the episcopal office by doing what Erilynne and I -- along with our amazing friends at call2disciple – love to do.

We get to focus on discipleship. Here in CT and across the country.

As you can see on the schedule of retreats for the fall, the Lord is opening opportunities to lead C2D RETREATS. This is a Friday night-Saturday retreat that allows us to do discipleship. Not just talk about it – I mean DO IT!!!

We are really excited about this new change!

What do you think?!?

All these years I’ve been serving Anglican Mission, the Lord blessed Erilynne in continuing the work of discipleship. It’s how this ministry of ARIEL, and under the ARIEL banner, call2disciple was born. And now come July 1 – we get to do it together again.

What blessing! An amazing new day.

Thad and Erilynne Barnum
Trumbull CT

Friday, May 21, 2010


I want to share with you my joy…
Because we, the Discipleship class, had not yet finished, we retreated to the NC mountains to finish the last 4 teachings of year 2.  It was an amazing conclusion for our two years together.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was so present as we embraced the whole of our teachings, loving one another and accepting the call to now Go Forth.  We prayed, studied, sang, journaled, broke bread, cried, laughed, interceded, washed one another's feet, served communion one to another. I am still processing the ALL and the AWE of the weekend. 

The highlight was observing the display of genuine love for each other.  Ministry happened all weekend… looking back, even in our free time, whether it was just 2 or the group, we found ourselves still sharing and confessing strong holds, crying and praying.  We each collected a rock and wrote on it what it meant to have Christ in us.  We (those able) then climbed Big Bald Mtn and built an altar praising God on the heights of the land.  We meet several hikers on their personal quest of mastering the whole of the Appalachian Trail, all 2200 miles, and blessed their journey.  Saturday evening after the teaching of Servants to the Church, we washed one another's feet.  One was very reluctant, but in time and in obedience allowed me to wash her feet and then in turn washed another’s. Sunday morning prior to the Servant to the World teaching, we shared communion, serving the bread and the wine one to another.
Through the doors and windows, the wind blew in and we all received it as the symbolic anointing of the Holy Spirit and it continued to blow intermittently throughout Erilynne’s teaching.  Many of the group had voiced sadness that we were at the end and didn’t want to conclude.  However, with the power of the wind blowing upon us, we each knew that now is the time and we are indeed called, anointed and empowered to Go Forth. I find it difficult to express in mere words a tangible for an intangible working of the Holy Spirit; this I know, indeed He has done a great work. Each of these ladies are a display of His transforming power and His Glory for all the world to see.   

So this Monday morning, I speak for Rosemary R, Sandy, Donna, Roberta, Pat, Rosemary L, Robin, Gloria, and myself, thank you.  May God continue to bless and prosper Ariel Ministry, so that the world may KNOW Jesus Christ.  

Your Fellow Disciple of the LORD Jesus Christ,

Allison Talbert

John 15:1-11, the Vine and the branches. "Is He everything to you?