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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So What Can We Do To Help?

Today is a big day for me. Today I hand over the clergy and churches of Anglican Mission’s Northeast Network to the care of other bishops.

Tomorrow, July 1, Erilynne and I get to focus on call2disciple – both locally at Apostles in CT and around the country.

Easy to do? Not really. I’ve been given the deep privilege of coming alongside some pretty amazing people in some incredibly fantastic churches and be their encourager, pastor, friend, bishop, and discipler in Christ Jesus. For nine years this has been my work and my joy. And I know for some it just seems odd that I’m ending all that today. Why? To focus on discipleship?

Yes. And to say this to you: So what can we do to help?

Good question when there’s a need. All of us know need. Real need. And once we know the need, we know how to ask.

But really stupid question when there is no need. Right?!?

We have an outstanding call2disciple staff. We know our passion:

• To promote discipleship in the local church
• To help Christian leaders do this work Jesus commanded
• To pour all our resources in discipling disciplers to make disciples

We also know what we can offer:

• call2disciple retreats
To hold Friday night-Saturday retreats where we actually do the work of discipleship. We model it so it can be lived out in the local church.

• discipling disciplers
We offer opportunity for clergy and Christian leaders to engage in a discipling relationship. The design of this is to come alongside and mentor those who oversee discipleship in their churches. It is especially helpful as a follow-up to the call2disciple retreats.

• call2disciple resources
The most important resource we offer is our “Call To Discipleship” two year series. Why is the most important? Because it brings new believers step by step into the maturity that is theirs in Christ Jesus. It is simply a tested tool that has had profound change in people’s lives.

All of our resources though are intended not just as Bible studies but for groups of Christians coming together to be discipled in Jesus.

• call2disciple blog
Week by week we want to bring encouragement both in writing and in videos. We want it to be a place that helps spark passion and blessing.

The question is this: Is there a need?

Some time ago the Christian world experienced the word COACH. The idea is simple: It’s hard being a Christian leader. How do we deal with division in our church? Why isn’t it growing? What can I do to be a more effective leader? I need help and I don’t know where to get it.

Seminars. Conferences. One-on-one relationships began. The need was there. Leaders wanting to become better leaders hired coaches to come alongside to help integrate change for the health and growth of their churches.

What we do is a little different.

We’re about making leaders become better disciplers. We want discipleship to happen in the local churches. We want our Christians to be mature in faith so they can be effective in His call on their lives for service. We want those older in Christian faith discipling those younger.

We want to do anything and everything we can to promote the work our Lord Jesus Christ called us to do: GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

Tomorrow, July 1, is a new day for us at call2disciple.

So what can we do to help?!?

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