Where Does Real Courage Come From?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Discipleship and the Local Church


Anonymous said...

Really like the pictures behind you, reminding us of where discipleship originated. You guys are true Third Option Men, and we salute the work you're doing!

Thad said...

You are increidbly kind to write! We were in David's office at Christ Church Murrells Inlet SC. This church was started in 2005 and I love the passion David and Nancy and the leaders of Christ Church have for evangelism through discipling in the community groups.

Pray the Lord blesses your day!


Violet Stine said...

Two of our favorite men in the Lord. We love you. You both have been such an inspiration to us.
Vi and Ron

Thad said...

Vi and Ron!

So good to hear from you. So thankful for you both. So grateful for your witness in the Lord Jesus and your friendship.

love from up here in CT!

Thad and Erilynne

John 15:1-11, the Vine and the branches. "Is He everything to you?