Where Does Real Courage Come From?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Discipleship and Bonhoeffer


Rick Fossum said...

Too many times do I find myself reading "a book" and not "The Book". Nothing wrong with additional reading and resource, but all to often I let it serve as supplement.

Thanks, Thad. God Bless. Stay warm....

Thad said...


I think you all in Atlanta are sending your storms to us in the Northeast! Stop it! :)

Great books, and especially great biographies, do exactly what you said: They point us to Jesus. They give us a hunger for the Word of God. They give usencouragement that this life in Christ is possible and we get to go out, in the power of His Spirit, and live it today, live it to the end.

All that to say, I agree. Lord Jesus give us a hunger for "The Book."

So thankful for you and S and the boys-


John 15:1-11, the Vine and the branches. "Is He everything to you?