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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

c2d 2012 Newsletter

August 2012

Update from Call2Disciple

Our dear friends,

Mid-summer is here. Erilynne and I are on vacation in a lovely little spot in Maine where we’ve gone for nearly three decades. We thought we might share a few things on our hearts. As you know, our passion is to excite Christians in the high calling of being the Lord’s disciple. To this end, we hope this brief update brings encouragement to you.

Resource News:

Erilynne’s Discipleship Course: Barbara Counts had the vision. Her daughter Erin has the gifting and talent! We are pleased to announce that YEAR ONE of Erilynne’s two year discipleship course has now been re-mastered on DVD and is ready for this fall. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this to churches and small groups for this September!

Erin is now working on re-mastering Year Two. Of course, the original DVD’s for Year Two are also available.


Thad’s Book, “Never Silent”:  We are excited to offer this book for $5.00 hardback per copy, and $100 per case of 20 (plus shipping and handling). 

This book continues to be a testimony of the Lord sending Third World Christians to our First World culture to help win us to Jesus Christ and to live lives in radical discipleship.

To order these items and more:   

Blogging News:
  • We’ve been doing these weekly blogs for more than two years now. Our focus is to find that place – by using story and narrative – where the truths of Scripture connect with real life. This is the place where discipleship happens. It’s not enough to know the Bible in our heads. The Lord’s wants His Word to shape our souls, our hearts, our character!
  • Did you know the first year and a half of our blogs followed the exact course of Erilynne’s Year One discipleship course? We’re working now on the possibility of this manuscript being published in book form sometime in mid-2013! Come September, we will return to blogging through the epistle of First John.
  • Did you know an average of 400 people view the blog each week?
  • We’ve started 10 minute video-blog devotionals. Every two weeks, we’re posting a new devotional. This summer, Thad is doing a 12 part series on The Person, Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit. We’re hoping to offer them in DVD format sometime mid-fall.
  • We are thrilled to host on this blog THE MUSTARD SEED PROJECT (MSP) in sponsoring a Rwandan student at Sonrise School. All proceeds go directly to MSP.


Retreat News:

Edenton, North Carolina: The Edenton Ecumenical Bible Study is hosting Erilynne on Thursday, September 13, for a day long retreat on “Hope in Jesus.”

Annual Parish Retreat, Kanuga: The Parish Church of St. Helena’s, Beaufort, SC, has invited the Barnum’s to lead their annual retreat September 28-30. The focus of the retreat is centered on how we can impact our pagan culture as disciples of Jesus Christ

If you’re interested in a c2d retreat, please contact Jan Buchanan at our office in CT.  Our passion in these retreats is to instill a love for the Scriptures as they impact our everyday lives in Jesus. We’re able to offer one retreat a month.


New Things!

Living Mercy through Ruth: We are excited to present a new CD series this coming fall on The Book of Ruth. This study begs a personal self-examination as we see the ancient Hebrew word hesed (loving-kindness, mercy) rooted deep in the three main characters of this story. That same hesed is what the Holy Spirit wants to root in us as disciples of our Lord. It’s this godly character in Christ Jesus that enables us to live mercy in our families, our relationships in Christ, and out to a needy, hurting world.


An Updated Resource Catalog is coming out early November!

Ways to connect with us online!

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/call2disciple
Youtube:  www.youtube.com/call2disciple
Twitter:  @call2disciple
Website/Store:   www.call2disciple.com


We Would Love Your Prayers and Support:

 Call2Disciple is a small, streamlined ministry doing our best to “promote discipleship in the local church.” All honorariums, gifts and grants go to provide for our small staff. As we always say, the Barnum's nor any of the c2d teachers benefit financially from this ministry. It all goes back to enable our small but mighty staff to serve you. If the Lord prompts and directs you, we’d kindly ask your prayers and financial support for this ministry. The biggest gifts and the smallest gifts all bring encouragement as we continue to hold up the call of discipleship. 

The Lord bless you and keep you this summer. We thank Him for you.

Thad and Erilynne Barnum

To Donate to c2d Ministry online:  http://call2discipledonation.blogspot.com/

Another way to serve others through c2d:

Donate money that allows us to give CD/DVD discipleship resources to churches that can’t afford them. 100% of all monies received to this fund serve churches/small groups in need. Make checks to c2d and put in the memo line: 'Sarah Southern'.


The call2disciple is now operating out of Fairfield, CT.
Our contact information is:

Jan Buchanan, Call2Disciple
338 Commerce Drive, 2nd Floor
Fairfield, CT  06824

Phone: 203.383.9320

Email: call2disciple@gmail.com

Order product online: www.call2disciple.com

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