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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mom and Dad – Part One

We are pleased to announce Real Mercy (volume 3) has a scheduled release date of August 2015.  Wesleyan Publishing House has contracted Thad for 2 more books. In these current blogs, we’d like to share sneak peaks from volume 4. We hope you enjoy it.

Please note: Part One will be a devotion from scripture. Part Two will be a journal entry based on that scripture.

+ + +

Two nations are in your womb; And two peoples will be separated from your body; And one people shall be stronger than the other;
 And the older shall serve the younger.

---Genesis 25:23

Jacob’s Story

Do the promises of God help us when we’re afraid?

Jacob’s first promise came from his Mom. It was during the days of her troubled pregnancy. For 20 years, she suffered with barrenness. Isaac married her at 40 and would not hold the twins until he was 60 (Gen 25:20, 26). He prayed all those years and, finally, “the Lord granted his prayer” (Gen 25:21 ESV). But the pregnancy wasn’t easy.

The boys wrestled in her womb.

Rebekah didn’t understand it and went to the Lord in prayer and asked why. We’re not told how He spoke to her, but He did, and He told her, “the older would serve the younger”, completely opposite to culture and Jewish tradition. But this was His promise, His purpose, His choice, and His call on Jacob and his offspring (Rom 9:10-13).

Is it possible this is why “Rebekah loved Jacob” while “Isaac loved Esau” (Gen 25:28)?

Did Isaac know about the promise? Did he believe it? Was it ever spoken out loud to Esau? And what about Jacob? Did Mom whisper it to him as a baby? Is it possible the promise burrowed deep in his soul from his earliest days so he knew – always knew – he was special to God? And his brother, poor Esau, would have to bend low and serve him?

How did it shape him – this gift from his Mom?

+       +       +

            He had a bigger gift from his Dad.

            Forget how he got it. Fact is he got it – the coveted blessing of Abraham -- passed to his father Isaac and then to him. It was an irrevocable act, that’s the beauty of it. It was a legal transaction, signed and sealed by God Himself. When Esau heard the news, he “cried out with an exceedingly great and bitter cry” (Gen 27:34). But there was nothing his father Isaac could do to reverse it (Gen 27:33). The blessing had passed.

And with it, all the promises God gave to Abraham.

But one promise in fine print stands out: Jacob would forever dominate Esau. Isaac told Jacob in no uncertain terms:  “Be lord over your brothers, and may your mother’s sons bow down to you” (Gen 27:29 ESV). Isaac repeated it to Esau: “Behold, I have made him lord over you” and “you shall serve your brother” (Gen 27:37, 40).

Exactly what his Mom had said.

By an edict of God, Esau would never prevail. Not then. Not now. Jacob had no reason to fear this great army of 400 coming at him. He had the irrevocable promises of God given to him by his Mom and Dad. All he had to do was recount them. Believe them.

Then watch his fears vanish into thin air.

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