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Friday, January 8, 2016

Clergy Care Office Now Open!

Healthy Pastors Make Healthy Churches



Under the oversight of Bishop Bryan, and in collaboration with Bishops Breedlove, Lawrence, Ross, and Wood, the Clergy Care Office led by Bishop Thaddeus Barnum is now open.

The purpose is to care for the well-being of the souls of clergy; to provide a safe space for:

Confession and Self-Examination
Discipling in Jesus
Relational Health in Marriage, Family, and Broken Relationships
Evaluating for Preventative Care
Caring when Signs of Burnout Appear
Bp. Barnum will offer 10-12 appointments a week by video conferencing. Clergy can make an appointment by going to the website of Bishop Bryan’s Southeast Network www.sepearusa.org or emailing Thad at bishopbarnum@gmail.com.

May the Lord strengthen our clergy for robust health in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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